Playing Cards Bot

A Discord bot for playing games with standard playing cards.

Add to Discord

Draw and Shuffle Cards

Each server gets a standard 52-card deck of playing cards that anyone can play with. Use $pcb info at any time for a list of commands.

Choose Your Art Style

Toggle between a normal art style and a pixel art style for your server's deck of cards.

Play Card Games

Play a game of High or Low with others in your server!


$pcb info Displays bot info and a list of all commands.
$pcb draw Draws a card from the current deck.
$pcb shuffle Shuffles the current deck of cards.
$pcb reset_cards Replaces the current deck with a brand new, ordered deck of 52 cards.
$pcb set_style_normal Changes the art style of the cards to normal.
$pcb set_style_pixel Changes the art style of the cards to pixel art.
$pcb high_or_low Starts a game of High or Low.
$pcb quitgame Stops any currently running game.